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Beyond The Borderline


WIREDのweb連載「Beyond The Borderline」


ドミニクさんがミラノトリエンナーレで発表した "nukabot"は、ぬか床内の微生物の代謝をデジタルセンサーで読み取り、発酵の特徴的なパターンを認識して人間に発信するロボットです。ぬか床には50〜100種類の菌が共存し一つのコミュニティを形成していて、菌同士が絶えずコミュニケーションすることで多様性を持続させている。それは有機的で建設的なコミュニティのあり方、さらには人間の社会のモデルにもなり得るそうです。



WIRED.JP's series "Beyond The Borderline"
I created the visuals for the series. The first episode is from informatics researcher Dominique Chen.


The "nukabot" that Dominique presented at the Milan Triennale is a robot that uses digital sensors to read the metabolisms of microorganisms in a bed of nuka, recognizes characteristic patterns of fermentation, and transmits them to humans. There are 50 to 100 types of bacteria that coexist in the nukadoko to form a community, and the bacteria communicate with each other constantly to maintain diversity.

It can be a model for a constructive community and even a model for human society. It is a world that exists in fermentation and is not engineered by people. I felt about the people who face uncertainty that cannot be engineered and make a living out of it every day. Not just pickles, but sake, soy sauce, and yogurt are all born that way. I feel like I got a very big tip.



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